In stock    I   keep  a  small stash  of  guitars that have a lot of magic.


Rare vintage 70's Robert Conti 17 inch wide archtop   guitar. Sounds amazing. $2249  now 

$1249 with hard  case. Video on   Polkzoo  Channel 


LH  600  all solid hand carved wood with  nitro finish This one sounds like a    $5000  guitar, 

You  get this exact one list is more sell for  $999


H  300 this one   thinks it is a    600 or  700 as they spent a lot of  time voicing the top as it just sings with   great bark, natural reverb  and over  tones.   $599 and  one of the best ones I have had with solid carved violin voiced  top  just like the   700  and  600.


LH  650 all  solid   hand carved wood.

Sounds like an expensive high end    archtop like JS or  L5. These  are emazing if you get a  good one,  $1875    $1399


Samick   90s   650

This  one  sounds like old    Gibson L5 with a body  and soul to the tone. A tone of real tone for  only   $499 and rare neck with some  flame


The  Loar  LH  280   175  style guitar,

This really has a sound and one of the best values in an electric archtop as it has real tone. Only  $499 


  SOLD  Ibanez  super  flamed  archtop    guitar   AF  85 VS. Has a beautiful  tone and only    $449.Has  funky    HC case  but protects it. Really  a  stunning looking and sounding  guitar.


All solid wood   dread    Recording  King   RD  310 with rare  Adirondack top and all solid wood for only   $449. This is a steal and they no longer make this and sounds    amazing and will sound even better as it is played and  it opens  up.

Recording  King    616    all solid wood guitar

All solid mohagany  like the pre-war    30s  000  Martin guitar.  1   an 3/4   nut  width and sound unreal.  $849. or




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 I carry the entire line of  The Loar Archtops and the Recording KIng  Guitars. Also I  get the best ones as I order and deal directly with the National Sales Manage of The Music Link and have been with these guys for a long time and have helped them promote and brand their guitars so I get some of their best guitars.

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