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The Guitar Ladder System is what you are looking for in a guitar instruction system .


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I  e-mail the charts and tab. It is still like getting thousands of dollars of innovative guitar instruction that teaches the subconscious mind and wakes up the artist and composer within.


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Here is a picture of one of my fans Lewis. He saw one of my videos on the classic vibe telecaster and based on the video went out on bought one. When we met for me to buy his Telecaster he could not believe I was the same guy on the video he saw which has over $68,000 views. We had  a nice talk and he is a cool guy and I   bought his guitar.He is a player and was happy I was going to be using his guitar for a while. 

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The GUITARLADDER SYSTEM  is amazing. I am an advanced guitarist and it has no doubt helped me become a better player and composer. Dave  Hemet, Ca.

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If you are an intermediate guitar player this is the perfect tool to move your forward and fill in the blank spaces. It is amazing how it brings out your  creativity, intuition and helps you to hear your own musical thoughts and find them on the guitar. I  wish I would have started sooner and I  suggested to all of my students to invest in the system and Steve has been very helpful and supportive as like he says this is  very close to his heart.

Go with your hunch on this one as their is no better material on the planet. I think because Steve has pretty much devoted his life to guitar and music his passion and hard work is reflected in this material. I  was an intermediate guitarist that  wanted to take it to the next level and it has done that and much much more. My advice is do not over think it and order the $199 system and get the most out of your practice time. Like Steve says bring a positive attitude to the table and leave your ego on the back burner and the results can be mind blowing.   James D. MD

transform your guitar playing and composing

The loar archtops

Here I am  playing the great The Loar LH-350  which have a solid carved  top and are by far the best value  on the planet for a  hand carved archtop guitar with a solid carved top that is also violin voiced. I have been with The Music Link longer then any other dealer and have a great relationship with them because I help them promote to other dealers with my over  1200 videos on my Youtube site.